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Inbox Media creates website copy for ‘beauty businesses’.

As more and more consumers go online to find and buy beauty products and services, it is imperative for (almost) every beauty business to have a strong online presence.

Not surprisingly then, like you, most beauty professionals do have an online presence ‒ usually a website, a Facebook page and an Instagram account.

This is great, except like you, most beauty professionals are too busy running their businesses (treating clients, managing staff, dealing with suppliers and trying to complete their never-ending ‘to-do’ lists) to find the time to create all the content they need.

And then, even if they do somehow manage to find the time to create the content they need, they aren’t getting the results they want.

Inbox Media was set up to help such beauty businesses. Basically, we write the words that you need to fill your website pages.

That’s right, that’s all we do.

We don’t do anything else. We don’t design websites, take photographs or upload social media posts…

We simply do what we love (and do best); write words about our favourite subject (beauty) for your website so you can do what you love (and do best) ‒ run your beautiful business.

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