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What does Inbox Media do?

We create customised online content (words only) for your beauty business and then deliver it directly to your inbox ‒ on time and on budget.

After meeting you and discussing your needs (on the phone, via Zoom or in ‘real-life’), we write your content (one-off, weekly, monthly, etc) and then email it to you.

You can then upload the content to your website, blog and/or newsletter with your own image(s), or even use it on your social media posts. 

In fact, you can use the content in any way you want as the copyright will belong to you (we are simply your ‘ghost writers’).

What sort of website content does Inbox Media create?

We create and edit whatever content your beauty business needs, including:


'about us' pages


product descriptions

team profiles

case studies

home pages







landing pages

press releases

The choice is yours ‒ after all you know your business and its goals best.

Our goal is simply to deliver the content you want while focussing on five key copywriting goals:

Writing clear concise engaging content in user-friendly English

Maintaining the highest professional standards in spelling and grammar

Improving search engine visibility with the latest SEO strategies

Keeping visitors ‘engaged’ on your site as long as possible with ‘fresh’ and original content

Encouraging visitors to move through your sales funnel (make bookings and purchase products).

Basically, we write the words you want ‒ and your website needs.

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